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The Very Best Solution for Adult Acne

When you suffer from adult acne, it is important to understand that your condition is super common. There is a myth circulating saying that acne is only a teenager’s problem but the real fact is that adults of both genders have to deal with acne at some point. It doesn’t matter if you have a slight or severe case of adult acne, there are lots of different solutions available in this article and we will look at some of them.

A natural cure for adult acne that is worth looking into is aloe vera gel, a solution that comes from a tropical plant in the family of succulents. Aloe vera is included as an ingredient in all sorts of over the counter skin care products and works very well as a moisturizer too. However, if you have acne, you should look for pure aloe vera, which is more potent and can help remove dead skin and kills bacteria that cause acne.

High tech solutions are available for almost any problem, including adult acne. While laser treatments are often used to get rid of scarring, there are also less costly blue light therapy treatments that can actually kill the bacteria that cause acne. Devices like these can keep acne from recurring though they aren’t 100% effective. You could always buy one of the other devices that are out there but they usually cost more than $100 and require application treatments for thirty minutes at a time at least twice each day. This method of treatment requires you to spend your own time and money. It’s important to wear goggles for these treatments because the light is bad for your eyes. Blue light therapy can be a good treatment for people who suffer from serious acne but try to remember that you’ll need to put in some regular effort to get it to work. Herbal remedies, like those used in Chinese medicine are also good for helping relieve adult acne. Dong quai is a common Chinese herbal remedy. This particular herb is helpful for lots of different female disorders, aiding the skin is just one thing it does.

A great way to treat acne scars you might have gotten (either as an adult or a teenager) is laser skin resurfacing. This is a process that lots of people employ to reverse the effect aging has had on their skin but it is also good for scar removal. Lasers take the outer layer of skin that has the scars and replace it with a new layer of skin that is, so far, scar-free. New skin takes time to grow in and during this time you might have to deal with some discomfort, redness and irritation. After this, however, when the skin grows back, you won’t have any more scars. If you have substantial scarring, you may need two or three sessions, but usually one session will be enough. It is important to ask your doctor whether or not laser skin resurfacing is a good option for you to pursue.

Adult acne can be very nicely treated by facial masks. There are lots of recipes for facial masks online as well as in the books of natural remedies. A few of the most effective facial masks are made up of only a few ingredients that you most likely already have on hand. Oatmeal, for example, isn’t just good for breakfast; when you mix it with water it makes for a great acne fighter of a facial mask. Baking soda and water also makes for a good facial mask when you wear it on your face for twenty minutes. There are some who find that egg whites and egg yolks, when applied to the face, are great for clearing up acne. You’ll need to experiment with different facial masks until you find the one that is best for you.

When you suffer from acne that is severe, you need to have a dermatologist check you out. Even though you have access to lots of home remedies and over the counter medications but they aren’t always sufficient for everyone. A dermatologist will examine you and then write a prescription for the medication that will best help you. Your dermatologist can also help remove individual pimples while you are in the office. Some people do this at home with the use of tweezers but it is much better to have it done by a professional who is well trained and has good equipment. Their instruments are sterilized so there is lower risk of infection. Aside from this, he or she may recommend other options, such as laser treatments. The options in this article are just some of the things that can help you cure your adult acne. It’s important to pay attention to every factor in your life from what you eat to what you put on your face (skin care products, makeup, etc) because they could all be contributing to your acne issues. Adult acne is seriously annoying but you can cure it.

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