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The Best Acne Home Remedies

Spots typically are not something anyone desires to have to cope with. This is a universal truth. Awful skin is humiliating–it doesn’t matter how old we are or if that awful skin has just a pimple or two or is covered in extensive acne. Acne is most definitely challenging and frequently for a lot longer than we thought it would be when we first dipped our toes into the waters of puberty as teenagers. We devote many years slathering ourselves with each and every chemical and acne fighter we can discover. What if you could help your skin without having to be forced to take that type of radical action? There are a number of natural acne treatments that are rather useful. Try it out.

Aloe Vera is something most people link with burn pain alleviation. It is understandable as the plant is popular for being comforting and helping to draw out the heat trapped in your body after it gets burned. Do you know you can also use it on your pimples? There are many polysaccharides contained in Aloe that will help make the skin heal quite a lot faster. Aloe doesn’t actually care how an injury was brought about. Aloe vera is very beneficial whether you are wanting to help a spot or a burn. Simply break open one of the plant leaves and put its water based gel on to any affected spot. You are going to see a great decrease in puffiness and redness almost immediately.

You’ve probably heard that you can reduce the puffiness of your eyes by putting cucumber slices on them. Cucumber is also a wonderful acne cure. It helps increase your skin’s moisture and pump it full of vitamins too. The ideal way to use cucumber to help remedy your acne is to use it to make a cucumber mask (there are lots of recipes for this online) and apply it twice a week. In no time you’ll see a noticeable improvement to your skin tone and quality. This mask can also help make your skin better at battling zits.

Strawberries are great for fighting zits. Almost all of the acne cleansers out there, especially for acne that is severe, contain salicylic acid. Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid. Also, they are rich in other minerals and vitamins that can help combat against acne. Either put chopped strawberries directly onto the areas of your skin that are bothersome (like a pimple starting to appear) or you can make a strawberry mask by smashing up strawberries and adding some cream. Keep the mask on for twenty minutes and then use water to wash it off. Your skin is going to thank you for it.

Potato juice is a superb treatment for zits. Potatoes are mainly water but the water that comes out of a potato when you cut it isn’t just water. It’s water infused with the nutrients of the potato. The higher concentrations of sulfur, phosphorous, chlorine, potassium are all quite effective in reducing acne scarring. You can get the juice by pressing bits of chopped potato or you can rub the pieces of the potato straight onto your skin.

Acne may be treatable in numerous fantastic and natural ways. Why would you elect to stay spotty and uncomfortable when you have more than enough reasons to clear it up?

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