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Separating Fact From Fiction About Acne

Research the condition thoroughly if you want to manage a complex ailment like acne. This is really true when there are plenty of untruths roaming around about acne. For this reason, we will be taking a close look at some commonly held beliefs about acne and debunking some of the myths about it. Many people think that it is okay to pop pimples on their face. Even though this might get rid of the pimple temporarily, this will only make your acne much worse in the future. That’s because squeezing can push bacteria and infected skin further under the skin. Basically, this will allow your pimples to spread. You can also get scars on your face by popping your zits. Simply put, you should not want your face to have lots of scars. Even though this might seem too appealing to stop, never pop your zits. Put on any appropriate medication.

The sun is myth number one. Specifically that it can help get rid of acne. The reason people believe this is that having a tan can indeed make your pimples harder to see. It’s exposure to the sun that causes all kinds of skin irritation and actually makes the pimples more likely. If there is any relief to come from skin exposure to the sun it will only be temporary. The hope of relief is not nearly enough to make it worth the risk you’re taking by exposing your skin to the sun. Whenever going outside during the day you should wear sunscreen. In order to avoid causing an acne outbreak you should only wear oil-free sunscreen.

One belief about acne that’s still uncertain is whether or not stress can make it worse. It can be said that stress influences the hormones in your body. This can bring about acne. Stress is probably not the initial cause of acne. However, acne is aggravated by stress. Either way, if you are stress out about something, this will make your acne worse. So, try to figure out how you can reduce your stress levels. Quite naturally it would not be a good thing to let your pimples make you stressed out. This is what will happens to those who cannot not deal with their problematic acne. Just try to find a way around it. Keep in mind that there is a solution to your problem.

Cosmetics and acne is a somewhat complex matter. Using the proper kind of makeup can go a long way towards hiding small acne outbreaks. There are many though who believe that acne is part of the problem and not the solution. So, how do you know if makeup is safe to wear if you suffer from acne? That is a question that can’t really be answered in a general way. It will vary from one person to the next based on skin sensitivity and the specific cosmetics being used. It’s best to look for products that are labeled noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic, as these are unlikely to irritate your skin or make your acne worse. If your acne is severe however you should discuss makeup with your doctor first. Your skin is unique to you and your dermatologist will have the inside track as to what might be causing the irritations to your skin.

There are many different things that can lead to acne – most people believe the wrong things. You’ll find that many medications for acne are specific to the person seeking treatment. It’s worth taking a little time out of your busy schedule in order to see what the deal is with any acne medications or treatment methods you’re considering.

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