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Natural Ways to Treat Acne

Biological acne solution with no acne products is a true possibility. In fact, latest investigations have discovered that our alimentary habits and the appearance of acne are tightly related. Even there is no scientifical proven, however, researchers believed that improving our alimentary habits is the most biological way to fight acne, with no acne products involved.

Before discussing about biological acne solutions, we have to know that the cause of acne is an over-secretion of sebum on the surface of our skin. High-fat meals make sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum.

Therefore, avoiding greasy, high-fat foods, less sausages, ham and other salty foods, less coffee, chocolates and alcoholic drinks may be the best method to fight acne. Also, remember to eat more fruits and vegetables to keep the health of your gastrointestinal system.

Natural Spot Treatment: Foods that help you fight acne:

Soy Milk: Ingesting more soy milk aids to minimize acne scars.

Garlic: Garlic juice combined with pure water to cleanse your face aids to eliminate acne coloration.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice mixed with warm water to wash your face helps to clean the oily skin.

Zinc and Vitamin A: Zinc and Vitamin A are vital to regulate sebaceous glands production and minimize the size of the exfoliated epidermal cells. Vitamin A collaborates with skin rejuvenation. Foods rich in Zinc and Vitamin A include spinaches, and tomatoes.

Vitamin B: Vitamin B2 & B6 speed up the cellular oxidation, collaborating with acne healing. Vitamin B can easily be obtained from fish and most green leafy vegetables. Also, Vitamin B can be found in foods like seaweed (dry), and grapes.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is everything about beauty skin. Foods containing Vitamin E include order:,:4:4: and mushrooms.

High fiber foods: High fiber foods improve your metabolism, get rid of the excess grease from your body and promote the intestinal peristalsis. High fiber foods include coarse grains and bamboo shoots.

In conclusion, you can get
rid of acne
by improving of our alimentary habits
could be the most natural and best course of action
before we acquire costly acne solutions.
Selecting suitable acne products and understanding our skin type would be the next
vital step after we have adequate dietary
habits and good control of our diet. You can acquire many
biological acne treatments and skin care solutions
online, but as a smart buyer, remember to do some
research before wasting your money.


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