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How to Associate a Linksys Wireless Router to a Wired Router for Internet

Doubt you must a Linksys wireless router in adding to a wired router for link to the Internet through Ethernet cable, you canister just enhance the another wireless device to the system and consent wireless PCs, imprinters and extra devices to attach over the airborne. This enhances wireless connectivity to your network deprived of the essential to separate and reconfigure the unique router.

Step 1

Link one end of an Ethernet cable to a numbered yield port on the supported router, and link the extra finale to the uplink harbor on the wireless Linksys router. The harbor is branded “Uplink” on utmost Linksys routers, and canister stand originate to the correct of the additional , harbors. Go together routers scheduled.

Step 2

Go on a PC with wireless competence and attach to the novel wireless system. By defaulting, Linksys routers usage “Linksys” as the system term.

Step 3

Exposed a web browser and type “” hooked on the discourse bar (without the quotes), then press “Enter.” This will open the wireless router’s locations page. Arrive your user appellation and password to continue. Doubts you have not customary awake the router by a user explanation, consent the user name turf blank and enter “admin” as the password.

Step 4

Click the DHCP tab and incapacitate the DHCP provision. Custody DHCP allowed will cause network conflicts between the two routers.

Step 5

Turn on any computers connected to the wired router and note their IP addresses. (You can find the IP address by running the ipconfig knowledge in a command quick in Windows or by initial the Network unit of the System Likings in OS X.) You essential these number in instruction to usual a precise IP address aimed at the wireless router.

Step 6

Click to expose the LAN IP Address selections in the wireless router’s locations and alteration the IP to competition the IP address of the wired router, altering the last numbers to an exclusive number. For instance, if the wired router has PCs by XXX.XXX.X.1 and XXX.XXX.X.2, change the wireless router’s LAN IP to XXX.XXX.X.3 to keep the address exclusive. This avoids address battles amid the devices.

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